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Our Main Applications

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 Need an all-in-one thermal provider for EV/HEV? Look no further. We specialize in the integration of a combined thermal system that helps you not only manage the temperature of the battery but the other components too. I.e.: relay junction box, LED headlamps, external charger, and the DC/DC converter.  

Click here to view our Thermoelectric Vapor Chamber solution to EV battery temperature management

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Providing you an energy-efficient and yet a flexible cooling solution/crac unit for your data center thermal systems. Our expert team will be able to help you achieve a smaller energy footprint with our combination technology of air and water cooling.

Click here to view our article on Data Centers and Thermal cooling 


Struggling with the increase in need of higher power IGBTs and more resistant inverters? By working with us, we can come up with the best thermal solution for these parts no matter how small or complex in shape.  

Click here to view our Vapor Chamber heatsink specially made for high-powered IGBTs

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 Not sure which thermal solution would work with your power cables? With our experience in dealing with both XLPE and GIL cables, you can rest assure that you will receive the right solution for maintaining the temperature of your tunnel.  

Click here to view our CIGRE paper on Smart Cooling systems for power tunnels

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Aluminum Supplier

All-in-one service fully designed to help you achieve your thermal goals. From thermal management products to mass production and systems management.

Our 25 years of production and sales dealing with automotive heat exchangers has given us the skills to provide you the best thermal management design the current market has to offer. 

Solve any problem you have with thermal design with us. Our services include thermal analysis and design of water-cooled, air-cooled, and phase-change heat exchangers

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Aluminum Factory

Optimized heat dissipation design

Customizable Vapor Chamber Heatsinks

metal rods

Providing you with the best solution

Collective manufacturing power

Short-delivery time

Great Cost-Performance Value

Reduced production time

Providing a large variety of thermal solutions 

System design and guidance 

Processing Methods

  • Extrusion

  • Casting, Forging

  • Bending

  • Press work

  • Aluminum Brazing

  • Welding


Specialized Materials

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless

  • Copper

What is the Aluminum Vapor Chamber (ALVC) ?

Aluminum has the characteristics of lightweight, stability, and flexibility of shape. The ALVC is readily applicable to any kind of thermal application.

Thermoelectric Vapor Chamber (TVC) System

An innovative thermal solution by LEA that maximizes the use of vapor chamber in combination with Peltier modules. Be sure to achieve better temperature control at higher energy efficiencies in a wide range of applications.

EV Battery Pack

HPVC Tunnel

LEA EV Battery Temperature ControlSystem
TVC Application picture.png

An integrated system that has both cooling and heating functions. 

TVC is a non-water system. (No water leakage risk), Safer option.

New products

Aluminum Loop

Thermosyphone Heat Sink

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Liquid Cold Plate

A combination of aluminum technology and liquid cooling. Purpose of helping you achieve higher cooling standards at a lower weight and size. 

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