Cooling and Heating,
Temperature control for EV/HEV Automotive

EV/HEV Cooling and Heating

Currently, a major bottle-neck for EV development comes from battery and motor issues.

Besides that, the thermal management issues for each of the electric components is also of major importance. Fortunately, LEA's Al vapor chamber heat-sinks and Thermoelectric Vapor Chamber system offers excellent thermal solutions for the following.

Heat exchangers for inside of the vehicle:

  • High-power LED headlamp 

  • IGBT module for Inverter / converter

  • Junction boxes, battery packs

  • PCU (power control unit)...etc

  • For charging stations: Inverter

Temperature Control for High-Power Cable Tunnels, High Power Voltage Cable (HPVC)

TVC temperature control system for battery pack

Thermoelectric provides cold or heat and is transferred via a vapor chamber to directly cool or heat the battery cell. The battery pack is under control in a consistent temperature range under the precise temperature control to obtain a longer working battery life to extend the running mileage. 

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Temperature Control for High-Power Cable Tunnels, High Power Voltage Cable (HPVC)


Temperature Monitoring and controlling system using LEA's Thermoelectric Vapor Chamber (TVC) system

The transition of overhead cables to underground tunnel cables has started to occur in multiple nations around the world.


​These power cables exert large amounts of heat while transporting energy, therefore creating a hot environment within the tunnels.


The common system in use to maintain the ambient temperature within these tunnels is the water-cooling chiller system. ​

Drawbacks of the Water-Cooling Chiller System

For this application, the water-cooling system has many flaws which LEA's TVC system can overcome.

Flaws of the Chiller system:

  • Risk of water leakage.

  • High installation and maintenance cost.

  • Requires large amounts of installation space for the compressor.

  • Multiple parts are necessary in order for the thermal system to function efficiently.


TVC Benefits:

  • TVC is a non-water system. (No water leakage risk), Safer option.

  • Low installation and maintenance cost while the installation space is flexible.

  • Easier for installation as it does not require multiple parts to work.

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High-Power LED Lighting 

LED lighting represents a new generation of energy saving lighting. However, this new LED lighting also faces the same thermal challenges common to all other IC components.


It is understood that improved thermal management promotes higher component performance in terms of efficiency.


Here at LEA, we provide solutions for various kinds of LED lighting with our custom-made heat sinks and vapor chambers to suit a variety of customer needs. 

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Air-conditioners, Dehumidifiers 

LEA's AC/Heater, Dehumidifier TVC System


The TVC system’s functions works well in accordance to the applications of air-conditioners and heaters.

The TVC has both heating and cooling functions due to the thermoelectric modules. And with the vapor chamber attached, the TVC can cool or heat the surrounding temperature efficiently without the need of compressors or large fans. 

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High-Power IGBT Inverters

LEA's Heat sink & Vapor Chambers for High-Powered IGBTs


The current common solution for the thermal management of high-power IGBT modules is to use either larger extruded heat sinks, or to use water cycling cold plates. 

Flaws of these thermal solutions:

Extruded heat sinks have two major flaws for this application which are the inefficiency in heat exchange and its heavy weight. 

In the case of water cycling cold plates, the problem of high cost is exacerbated with the use of addition components, such as pumps. Water cycling cold plates or any water-based cooling systems is likely to add the risk of water leakage as well.

Al Vapor chamber Heat sink benefits

LEA's solutions include a non-water-based Al vapor chamber heat sink providing an efficient heat exchange solution while eliminating the risk of potential water leakage. Al vapor chambers are also naturally lighter in weight compared to conventional heat sinks.

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Semiconductor Devices, Communication Devices, IC Chips

Heat pipe-based heat sinks are an older but commonly used thermal device for semiconductors and IC chips. However, faced with high power output, the heat pipe heat sink becomes inefficient due to its limited heat transfer capabilities.


LEA's Al Vapor Chamber heat sink allows heat to be transported quicker due to the coolant within the chamber. The liquid reacts immediately with heat contact allowing more efficient heat transfer.


With the greater efficiency of heat transfer, the lighter weight of the cooling unit, and the reduced footprint of an Al vapor chamber heat sink, all this contributes to an overall greater efficiency to the heat-producing components in these devices.

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Medical Applications

Medical applications possess complex and unique thermal challenges compared to many other industries. The difficulty in this field is related to the fail-proof operation and functionality in ambient conditions. The most challenging aspect is its interaction with humans in vulnerable conditions.

LEA understands the risks and complexities involved in constructing thermal solutions for medical purposes. Our customizable solutions allow us to provide thermal control in complex environments that required precise temperature maintenance.

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Aerospace, Military & Defense

With the advancement of global technology in the field of aerospace, military, and defense, complexity of these machines increases along with the need of better, new, and innovative solutions for its thermal problems. LEA's well-known value is the ability to provide innovative solutions to these new problems arising from the advancement of technology.

Most aerospace, military, and defense technologies require its thermal solutions to be able to cool high amount of heat exerted by their many components in drastically small and complex spaces. LEA's flexibility in a wide variety of fields give us the ability and experience to create solutions for these complex problems without having to forgo its high performance or succumb to expensive costs.

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