Company Profile

Leading Edge Associates Co., LTD (LEA) is a pioneer at innovating thermal solutions for a wide variety of applications and fields. Based in Tokyo, LEA excels and supports multiple industrial companies domestically and neighboring countries as well. We are also linked with multiple laboratories and universities domestically and internationally, assisting us in conducting cooperation thermal testing and performance enhancement. 


Furthermore, LEA has strong international connections with numerous well-known companies worldwide. The LEA group is formed through the organization of experts with 15 years of automotive heat exchanger experience. We continually produce high quality thermal solutions for diverse applications such as EV/HEV cars, semi-conductors, data centers, medical appliances, transmission tunnels, and much more. 


Our vision at LEA is to support our clients’ needs with efficient and yet, creative thermal solutions with excellent customer service from before and after purchases. Providing an All-in-one type of service whereby our clients can rely on us fully for their thermal needs. 

Company Outline




〒190-0034  10, 5-23-2 Nishisuna-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, Japan






Eric Huang





Main Banks

Mitsubishi UFJ, Tama Shinkin Bank, Ome Shinkin Bank



Ome Line, Haijima Station. Seibu-Shinjuku Line, Seibu-Tachikawa


〒190-0034  10, 5-23-2 Nishisuna-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, Japan



Company History


LEADING EDGE ASSOCIATES Co., Ltd. is established with 8.8 million yen in capital


Started selling vapor chambers


Started exporting and selling flux for aluminum brazing as a Taiwanese distributor of Morita Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Increased capital to 15.6 million yen


Started sales of tower type vapor chamber for high power LED


Announced TVC temperature control system for electric vehicle power modules and battery packs and 

TVC temperature control system for High-voltage power transmission tunnels began construction.


Moved to Tachikawa, Tokyo



To create value and contribute greater work to society while fostering the relationship between Japan and Taiwan.



Provide invaluable customer service with innovative thermal solutions and creative products. 

Cooperate with various clients domestically and internationally and maintain adaptability in the ever-changing global market.

Improving and learning daily, while creating a valuable company within society. 


Message from the MD

Managing Director
​黄 國書 (Eric HUANG)

Currently, we are experiencing a massive shift in our world whereby technology is developing at a significant rate. Technology has and will continue to play huge roles within society. There are many more technological devices and systems than ever before. However, the side-effects of technological development often come with environmental issues such as global warming and energy consumption which in turn, negatively influences our lives.


Our company strives to find solutions to these environmental issues through producing thermal solutions. Thermal issues such as cooling, and heating are common amongst hardware and manufacturing devices and systems. We hope to contribute to the social goal of providing less energy consuming and environmentally friendly technologies through our research in thermal solutions. Through our 15 years of experience in the automotive heat exchanger industry, we have managed to create a recyclable aluminum vapor chamber that enables high performance and lightweight options for a large variety of thermal systems.

For innovative thermal solutions, our aluminum vapor chamber allows us to combine it with a peltier thermoelectric module creating what we a TVC (Thermoelectric Vapor Chamber) system. The TVC is one of our most creative creations in terms of performance and thermal management. We are currently applying the TVC in various fields especially in EV/HEV battery management systems. The TVC enables both cooling and heating function while maintaining low energy consumption. This ties us with our goal of reducing global energy consumption.


Our company policy is to meet the needs of our customers by providing them with cutting-edge technology and innovative thermal solutions. So, through a combination of innovative passion and cutting-edge technology, we aim to provide society, businesses, and individuals environmentally friendly and creative solutions to their problems. Through this, we hope to create value and build strong networks between each other across cultural and country borders.

Leading Edge Associates Co., Ltd. 

5-23-2-103, Nishisuha-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0034, Japan