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Leading Edge Associates Co., LTD (LEA) is a pioneer at innovating thermal solutions for a wide variety of applications and fields. Based in Tokyo, LEA excels and supports multiple industrial companies throughout the country.


Furthermore, LEA has strong international connections with numerous well-known companies worldwide. The LEA group is formed through the organization of experts with 15 years of automotive heat exchanger experience. We continually produce high quality thermal solutions for diverse applications.


Our vision at LEA is to support our clients’ needs with efficient and yet, creative thermal solutions with excellent customer service from before and after purchases.

Specializes in Aluminum Vapor Chambers

The Complete Thermal Solution Provider

Company Outline

Company Name:

Leading Edge Associates Co., Ltd.



Tokyo HQ:                
No. 6-39-21, Nishisuna-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0034, Japan.

TEL: 042-520-8223

FAX: 042-520-8224


Cooperate company:
Japan Business Service LLC (Osaka)

101 Yamamoto Bld., 1-5-13,

Nishimoto-cho, Nichi-ku, Osaka 550-0005, Japan 

TEL: +81-6-6755-6031
Sales Director: 
Tack Kunimi


FAX: +81-6-6752-7733

Business area:

Research and development of heatsink solutions regarding Al vapor chambers.


EV/HEV Automotive

HPVC Tunnels

High-Power LED Lighting


IGBT, Semi-conductors


Aerospace, Military & Defense


  • Heatsink


  • Aluminum Vapor Chambers


  • thermal cooling


  • Vapor Chamber


  • Thermal solutions

Osaka office

Sales Director: Tack Kunimi

101 Yamamoto Bld., 1-5-13,

Nishimoto-cho, Nichi-ku, Osaka, Japan 

TEL: +81-6-6755-6031

FAX: +81-6-6752-7733


Leading Edge Associates Co., Ltd. 

5-23-2-103, Nishisuha-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0034, Japan