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We will be exhibiting in the CIGRE-IEC 2019 Conference on EHV and UHV (AC & DC) on 25th of April.

We will be presenting our research paper on EHV cable tunnels and our proposal on their thermal solutions regarding our research paper title “Thermoelectric Vapor Chamber Smart Cooling System for EHV Power Cables in Underground ”. The research paper and study will be conducted by our research partner, Double Check and their CTO, Dr. Alex. Gurevich.

Thermoelectric Vapor Chamber (TVC) Solution

The TVC is a new and innovative cooling solution for underground EHV cables.

The main key features of this solution is:

1. The cooling system consists of TVC units distributed specifically over the length of the tunnel.

2. The units are attached to the concrete wall of the tunnel.

3. Heat power generated on the hot-side of the thermoelectric modules is transferred to the soil through the concrete wall.

4. Temperature control is provided individually for each TVC unit based on cable or the proximal air temperature using the Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) System.

From the figure above, the cooling unit consists of the following main components:

• Thermoelectric modules

• Vapor chamber located on the hot side of thermoelectric module for spreading of heat power

• Finned heat sink with fan for cooled air dissipation

• Vapor chamber used as base plate of fins to improve heat sink performance Details:

Date & Time: 25th April, 2019. 1:30pm, Session 11.

Location: Hakodate Kokusai Hotel

*Detailed calcutions and further explanations provided in the approved CIGRE-IEC 2019 paper.*

“Thermoelectric Vapor Chamber Smart Cooling System for EHV Power Cables in Underground”

Please enjoy our collaborative presentation on our Thermoelectric Vapor Chamber System for EHV tunnels. For further info, please contact us at We will be looking forward to meeting you.

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