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With more than 15 years of experience in the thermal management field, we currently have the expertise in designing creative and efficient thermal solutions for a wide variety of needs.


Our knowledge allows us to innovate on existing solutions and provide better alternatives. This enables us to broaden our range of applications from EV/HEV cars, medicals and tunnel cooling systems, to communication systems, airspace, and LED.  

For a list of our applications, click here!

Thermal Efficiency Testing

We have a wide connection with universities and private research firms around the world. They enable us to conduct thermal performance testing and metric calculations to determine the efficiency of every product we produce. 

We are able to also provide a complete set of test data for your selected thermal application.
Eg: Thermal resistance, pressure drop test, heat transfer efficiency, etc. 

For the test data of our Co-op Vapor Chamber project with Waseda University, click here!

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We have multiple sophisticated manufacturing facilities back in Taiwan and elsewhere around the world that allows us to create a wide range of products and solutions. 

With the wide range of methods to choose from, we are able to provide you with the most cost effective and least time-consuming solution without needing to sacrifice performance value. For more info on our production methods, click here!

After Service

Once all processes leading up to delivery are complete, we are able to provide regular after service maintenance and check-ups if requested. 

We understand the importance of maintaining a well-running thermal management system and good after service is key to achieving that. 

Knowing this, we regularly keep in contact with our clients to follow-up on their various requests and improvements if needed. If you are interested in the kinds of after services we provide, please contact us through this link!

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Creative Solutions:

With our wide range of technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to provide the required performance for your thermal application. Our experience draws from years of applying and testing out new solutions for a wide range of markets. See our production methods below.

Cost Down:

With our manufacturing knowledge and international connections, we are able to provide the lowest possible cost without necessarily sacrificing performance and quality. 

Fast Lead Time:

With our engineering capabilities and organized workforce, we are able to design, manufacture, and ship the requested product with faster lead times to ensure you receive your product on time. 

Top Service:

Lastly, our years of experience handling with customers domestically and internationally has allowed us to create a company that provides excellent service to all our clients.